Pre Wedding Portraits in South Wales

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SPECIAL OFFER – When you book your wedding photography with Xpect Photography before the end of October 2012 we are offering all edited images supplied on disc from your pre-wedding portrait session. This can be a fantastic opportunity to relax and get some great pictures of you both before the main event.

Not only that, a pre-wedding shoot is also a chance to spend time with your photographer so that you can all get to know each other better. This really helps you relax when it comes to your wedding day, safe in the knowledge that your photographer really understands what you want.

In addition, I find that it can help build confidence in couples that they can look amazing in their wedding photographs. It’s a time to help with posing and what are the best positions to take. I always like to give couples just a few tips on how to present themselves in the best way possible for the wedding photographyand I can also help them practise these tips during the pre-wedding photo shoot.

During a previous wedding the Bride constantly reminded me that she was doing everything that she had learned during her pre-wedding portrait session. She really loved the results when she saw the photographs!

This is also the ideal chance to tell your wedding photographer more about you – do you have a preferred side to be photographed, for example? Are you concerned about anything? Unfortunately, we can’t change who we are and how we look but I always aim to inspire confidence in all my couples that they are wonderful and will look beautiful on their wedding day. But if you are worried about things like tattoos, chins and arms and visible scars (all very common issues!) there are some very simple things we can all do to improve the way we look in our photographs. So, it’s a good idea to discuss these concerns with your photographer in complete confidence.

Finally, the pre-wedding photography can be a great chance to have some fun with each other and enjoy the moment. You will see in the images below  that Sian and Simon brought their son along to their Pre wedding photo session. This can be a lovely idea and I love to meet all the family. On this occasion, grandparents also came so that they could have their son while Sian and Simon got chance to have some couple portraits and we could talk about their wedding day photography.

Ultimately, everything I do for my clients prior to their wedding is all part of maximising the potential for great wedding photography. I strive to help my couples as far as possible and this complimentary portrait session is something that has been appreciated by everyone who has taken advantage of it so far.

To find out more about wedding photography and my special offer, please contact me on 07840 947517.